Why Donors Choose CORAL: Bradley Mart

Why Donors Choose CORAL: Bradley Mart

Meet Bradley Mart, a CORAL donor since 1998. Learn why he gives back to our alliance.

Q: What motivates you to give to CORAL?

A: The future of our reef ecosystems is vital to the sustainability of our planet. Every ecosystem has its nursery. Coral reefs are the ocean’s nursery.

Q: What excites you about CORAL’s work?

A:  CORAL’S work is very strategic. It is not addressing one issue, but many. Grassroots issues, like sedimentation, sewage, overfishing, are essential to address. And many issues are global, such as climate change. CORAL is focused on coral.

Q: Tell us about your favorite ocean experience.

A: I took myself on a shore dive in the Philippines. Just me. The water was warm and clear. All I did was sit myself down in the sand in the middle of an immaculate coral reef at about 25 feet and just watched for an entire hour as thousands of fish sailed.

Q:  What are your hopes for the future of coral reefs?

A: To preserve, re-vitalize, protect, and share their importance and beauty.

Q: What worries you about reef health?

A: Climate change.

To join our alliance, learn more at coral.org/donate.

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