Save Critically Endangered Goliath Groupers

Save Critically Endangered Goliath Groupers

Submit a comment to the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife and let them know you are against allowing the harvest of Goliath groupers. The deadline for online comments is May 7th.

1. Copy the below comment or write your own.

2. Go to

3. Select “Goliath Grouper” from the agenda menu.

4. Enter your information and click ‘Submit’.

I am disappointed to learn the FWC is considering allowing the taking of Goliath groupers. Many countries look up to the United States as a leader in so many fields, including conservation, and here we are about to permit fishermen to take Goliaths—a species depleted throughout its range, except Florida—and nursed back to healthy numbers over the course of 27 years of Federal and state protection. We strongly urge you to maintain protections for Goliath groupers in Florida and to deny any requests for opening the fishery. A policy such as this would represent the best interests of the wildlife and humans in Florida, as well as rest on conclusions drawn from the best available science.

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