Partners and sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

  • Salty Soul Clothing (since 2017) – Donates 25% of all sales to Salty Soul Foundation to help continue their cleanup efforts around the country.
  • Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation (since 2019) – Each year we proudly work with community members, nonprofit organizations and event organizers to support their efforts to maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable coastal beaches in Florida.
  • Delta Soul Clothing (since 2020) – Donates 25% of all sales to help Salty Soul Foundation expand their efforts into the Mississippi Delta, where they will help keep the waterways clean.
  • Neon Blue (since 2019) – We Challenge Businesses And Leaders To Enhance Even Their Status Quo
  • ConnectWise (since 2022) – Since 1982, we have identified trends, engaged with industry leaders, and listened to businesses in the IT community. We don’t have clients – we have partners who we tirelessly uplift and defend.
  • KnowBe4 (since 2022) – the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Join our more than 50,000 customers to manage the continuing problem of social engineering.
  • OwnUp (since 2022) – In contrast to the eroded consumer trust in financial services — we are cutting through the establishment and connecting with people.
  • Hemp Coffee House (since 2021) – We pride ourselves on providing organic, fair trade tea and coffee. We work with local dairy suppliers and bakeries to source the freshest, highest quality offerings for your everyday needs. In addition to great coffee and tea, they have a “Salty Soul frozen coffee” – 10% of all sales on this product goes towards Salty Soul Foundation to help keep our beaches and waterways clean.
  • OIT (since 2022) – is a service-first organization that specializes in telecommunications and distributed networking.
  • Crux Limited (since 2022) – brings a collection of products that belong on The Beach, Sea and Deck of a Yacht. Our store offers a wide range of maritime must-have items at affordable prices. 6% of all proceeds go towards Salty Soul Foundation
  • ByByPoo (since 2020) – It’s not a glamorous job but it’s one we take extremely seriously because the ramifications of not cleaning up after animals are costly.
  • Alpha Forward Lifestyle (since 2020) – Being comfortable in your own clothes will breed confidence in other areas of your life. Choose pieces that are YOU and your personality.
  • Natural Awakenings (since 2021) – High Quality, All Natural, Homemade Products that Nourish, Enlighten, Soothe, Relax, and Awaken the Body
  • Yeetz (since 2020) – No matter your Style, whether its our YEETZ or STREETZ line, our shadez are here to help you chase your vision!

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