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Tampa Technology Companies Join Forces with Salty Soul Foundation for a Beach Cleanup

  • Several of Tampa’s largest tech companies joined forces with the Salty Soul Foundation to participate in “Tampa Tech Beach Cleanup” event. Despite the chilly weather, over 185 volunteers from the tech companies and the community came together to collect over 550 pounds of trash from Dunedin Causeway beach. READ MORE

Tampa Tech Companies cleaning the beaches with Salty Soul Foundation

  • The Salty Soul Foundation has joined forces with some of the largest Technology companies in the Tampa Bay Area to help clean beaches.

Dunedin Blue Jays Will Host Night For ” The Locals” Of Salty Soul Foundation

  • Dunedin Blue Jays Will Host Night For ” The Locals” Of Salty Soul Foundation. It’s all about beach cleanup people! The “locals” are Sea Turtles, Dolphins and other Marine Life affected by beach trash and debris. Salty Soul Foundation cleans it up, and you’ve seen their efforts here before. Thanks to the Dunedin Blue Jays as they step up to the plate hosting a night for ” The Locals” Of Salty Soul Foundation. Salty Soul Night happens on Aug 12 at 6:30pm. The purchase of a single game ticket will include Seat, Ballpark Meal, BOGO Margaritas, and $5 per ticket will go towards Salty Soul Foundation. LINK

Beach Cleanup Organization Salty Soul Foundation Officially Designated a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization:

  • TAMPA, June. 23, 2021-The Dunedin, Florida-based beach cleanup organization Salty Soul Foundation announced it became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit in late 2019. According to Executive Director John Helms, plans to announce the designation were postponed due to delays caused by the pandemic. LINK

Champions Over Everything Podcast

On this episode our guest is John Helms of Salty Soul Foundation and Delta Soul. In this conversation, John shares the importance of keeping our beaches and waterways clean and how Salty Soul and Delta Soul were formed. LINK

Life’s A Beach. Volunteers Wanted At Dunedin Causeway:

  • My friends at The Salty Soul Foundation are at it again! Ready for another monthly beach cleanup at Dunedin Causeway. You get to be outdoors, at the beach, making a difference, with some really cool peeps. LINK

Love Clean Florida Beaches: Pitch In For The Locals?

  • Who are the locals? You know, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Manatees, and all our local marine life.  Sharks are cool too BTW. So far in 2021, my friends at Salty Soul Foundation have picked up over  2,300 pounds of trash from local beaches. Wow! And they make it pretty easy, and fun for all of us to get out and help “the locals” too! LINK

Cleaning Our Beaches. Supporting “The Locals” aka Marine Life!

  • Been a beach lover since I was a kid. Even then we knew it was precious and fragile. Today, family and friends and I Paddle and Surf both coasts all the time. We also volunteer for Mote Marine every day. Anything to help protect our beaches, parks, and those we share it with. “The Locals” as my friends you’re about to meet, call them.  Marine Life and more. LINK

Littering beaches still happening days after reopening, volunteer groups can’t do much to help

  • ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. — Pinellas County beaches have only been open four days and they’re already getting trashed by beach goers.  Littering has always been a problem for our Tampa Bay area beaches. But normally, we have volunteer groups that help keep trash levels in check. However, quarantine and safety rules are preventing them from helping in full force. LINK

With volunteers limited by quarantine, trashed beaches may become bigger problem

  • “Oh, it’s the same thing over and over, if you bring it in take it out,” John Helms executive director of the Salty Soul Foundation said. He’s talking about trash. Photos on social media show the newest surge of trash littering the paradise we call home with used face masks and rubber gloves scattered on the ground. LINK

Salty Soul Foundation making a difference on our beaches

  • The Salty Soul foundation spends its time cleaning the Dunedin Causeway. They sell amazing clothing to help fund the cleanup process. The team has collected over 6,000 pounds of trash from the two mile stretch of beach at Dunedin Causeway just this year. Once a month, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, they hit the causeway on Saturday’s for three hours. LINK