Lilly Pulitzer “Squeeze’s the Day” and Adopts Sea Turtle Patient, Citrus, for Beach Bash

Lilly Pulitzer “Squeeze’s the Day” and Adopts Sea Turtle Patient, Citrus, for Beach Bash

Meet Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s (LMC) newest patient with a sweet story, Citrus! On Tuesday, December 3, the Center rescued the adult female loggerhead sea turtle with the support of Lilly Pulitzer. Upon arrival, the philanthropic fashion brand generously sponsored Citrus to continue its support of sea turtles and ocean conservation. Lilly Pulitzer, the Palm Beach hostess turned designer, with a deep connection to her community, believed in the power of charity. Lilly often said, “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, then you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” The Lilly Pulitzer brand continues the legacy of giving through its ‘Print with Purpose’ campaigns and making significant contributions to nonprofit organizations in South Florida.

Citrus is a sea turtle patient at Loggerhead Marinelife Center who has been adopted by the Lilly Pulitzer team.

Citrus, named in honor of Lilly’s famous juice
stand before transforming the fashion scene, was admitted to LMC after being
transported from the FPL St. Lucie site. Recent blood work indicated that she
had signs of anemia and overall poor health linked to chronic debilitation.
Radiographs also revealed intestinal impaction with a large number of crab
shells. The patient is currently receiving fluids and antibiotics, as well as
routine blood work, thanks to her adopted family.

“Our partnership with Lilly Pulitzer has had an
instrumental impact on the Center and Palm Beach County throughout the years,”
said Jack E. Lighton, LMC President and
CEO. “We are grateful to have the Lilly team offer their charity-driven
perspective to LMC and the world of ocean conservation.”

On Saturday, December 28, “Squeeze the Day”
and support Citrus, and other sea turtle patients, at Beach Bash Palm Beach. In
its 14th year, this signature event will welcome more than 700 philanthropic
influencers at The Beach Club to celebrate Lilly Pulitzer’s roots and to give
back to The Sea Turtle Hospital at LMC.

Beach Bash goers snap some shots at the photo booth!

“It’s important for ocean conservation to be just
as synonymous with Palm Beach as the Lilly Pulitzer brand,” said Lilly Leas
Ferreira, the granddaughter of the late Lilly Pulitzer. “We have a
responsibility to support our Juno Beach neighbors, in the plight to advance
treatment for sea turtles, and the overall health of our oceans.”

Saving sea turtles never looked so good! To
support turtles like Citrus, register for this year’s Beach Bash at
or contact Jennifer Nicholas, Senior
Coordinator of Special Events, at or 561-627-8280,
ext. 136. To monitor Citrus’ progress, visit

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