Have you ever taken a stroll along a beach after a storm?  Try it… You’d be surprised at just how much trash shows up on shore!  What’s worse is that this trash oftentimes is not biodegradable which is significantly affecting marine mammals and our beaches!  


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We at Salty Soul could not do what we do without supporters, volunteers, and donors.  We are making a difference – and you can, too! Become a Salty Soul (Volunteer), participate in a fundraising event or make a take deductible donation!

An estimated 100 million  marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic litter every year around the world. With seven billion tons of debris entering the world’s oceans annually, most of it long-lasting plastic, there’s a lot of potential for harm to our birds and marine mammals. Turtles, fish, birds, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals have all fallen victim to plastic.

Ever take a stroll along any beach after a storm?  You should, it will give you an idea of just how much litter is floating around in the world’s oceans: the sand is strewn with plastic bottles, fish boxes, light bulbs, flip-flops, scraps of fishing net and timber. Propelled by the wind and ocean currents, the litter – which is highly persistent in the environment – travels very long distances and has become widely dispersed throughout the oceans. It can now even be found on remote beaches and uninhabited islands.

Did you know plastic bags on the ocean floor can take up to 10-20 years to decompose?

Consider that plastic bottles take much longer. Because of this, one piece can kill more than one animal. An animal killed by swallowing plastic will decompose long before the plastic does, leaving the plastic free to kill again. The purpose of the Foundation is to collect funds needed for purchasing supplies for the cleanup efforts. Our dream is to help organize the beach cleanups throughout the U.S. coastlines.  (Maybe even the world?)


We have collected nearly 2,000 pounds of trash from the Dunedin beach, in 2018 alone. Every little bit helps. Donations will be used for purchasing supplies and spreading the word regarding our cause. Supplies range consist of some of the following: Trash bags, Pickers, Buckets, Disposable gloves, Sun protection for volunteers.


The ocean sustains us with the basic elements of life—it produces half of the oxygen in the air we breathe, and it is an essential part of the water cycle, helping to provide the water we drink.  Together we can do our part to make our shorelines and waters a safer and cleaner place!

The Salty Soul Foundation’s fundraising events are inspiring, fun ways to give back to your communities and keep our beaches safe and clean for everyone.

As a Salty Soul volunteer you can help keep our beaches clean and our oceans safe for all creatures!  In a short period of time; together, we can do great things!

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